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In prehistoric times, long before humans rose to create a world-spanning empire, another race was already at the pinnacle of their civilization, having shaped the land in their vision. In their own tongue, this race is known as the Kodai. But even though they had flourished for a long time, they barely were able to procreate and their rather underdeveloped immune system forced them to keep a distance to everyone that wasn't a Kodai.

But then, humans began their unstoppable, rapid development and the Kodai knew that those would outpace them within decades. Therefore, they both helped and challenged humanity by channeling a conciousness Entity directly tied to Magnifide itself, powerful enough to test the young human race and their barely established empire with high mountains, vast oceans, devastating droughts, heretical sects and even an invasion by demons themselves. At that point in time, the Kodai already made their created Entity too powerful to control reliably and they feared that they would be tested one day, like the Entity tested humans. Therefore, they decided to hibernate in their Grand Temple, entering special statues depicting every Kodai's favored ancestor capable of freezing mind and body so the Kodai may see how humanity will develop in the future.

The Justicar's role was to guard the statues by mounting a special statue that, while freezing the body like every other cocoon, keeps the Justicar within it barely conscious so he can wake up and fight in case of emergency. That Justicar was named Aephus, one of the few Kodai who secretly joined the war against the ancient demons and is nowadays just known as "a glorious shade" in the history scrolls of Ethernight.

Several centuries passed and a group of Veterans searching for a cure found the temple. Aephus noticed them but remained silent, for there was no imminent danger. That changed quickly, though, when demons entered the temple through a sudden rift at the entrance. The Veterans were outnumbered and Aephus decided to fulfill his duty, emerging from his cold cocoon and just needing a single second to be ready for battle, leading the Veterans to victory. But there was no time for the Veterans to study the temple, for the reappearance of the demons alarmed them. Aephus, after sealing the temple entrance to avoid further attacks at his kind from the rift, agreed to follow the Veterans back to the Solsworn Palace.

Once getting close to the Prime Gate, he saw what the Duskbringer had done. He knew he had to help humanity one more time and participate in the second Demon War. Just like old times.


  • Aephus' fun name is Halifax (credits to Psykolog).


  • Redemption.png Redemption
    • Aephus is now invulnerable while dashing



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