Attributes are the main statistics of all Heroes that independently determine most scaling statistics. These attributes are strength, agility, and intelligence. Attributes increase at each level up.

Primary AttributeEdit

Every Hero has a primary attribute, which controls their attack damage. Every point in their primary attribute adds 1 point of damage to their attacks, and any bonus to a Hero's primary attribute will affect that Hero's attack damage. Usually, a Hero's primary attribute will determine how he or she is played. For example, intelligence Heroes are typically more dependent on abilities. A Hero's primary attribute typically grows faster than the other two attributes.


Strength is a measure of a Hero's toughness and endurance. Strength determines a Hero's maximum health and health regeneration. Heroes with strength as their primary attribute can be hard to kill, so they will often take initiator and tank roles, initiating fights and taking most of the damage from enemy attacks.

  • Every point in strength increases maximum health by 23.
  • Every point in strength increases health regeneration by 0.12 health per second.
  • If strength is a Hero's primary attribute, every point in strength increases his or her attack damage by 1.
Heroes with Strength as Primary Attribute
Ayler Portrait.png Ayler Gaol Portrait.png Gaol Granite Portrait.png Granite Herculeon Portrait.png Herculeon Kob Portrait.png Kob Menos Portrait.png Menos Renso Portrait.png Renso Treemor Portrait.png Treemor Vairosean Portrait.png Vairosean Vamos Portrait.png Vamos Xeadas Portrait.png Xeadas Xornac Portrait.png Xornac


Agility is a measure of a Hero's swiftness and dexterity. Agility determines a Hero's armor and attack speed. Heroes with agility as their primary attribute tend to be more dependent on their auto-attacks and items, and are usually capable of falling back on their abilities in a pinch. Agility Heroes often take carry and Gank roles.

  • Every point in agility increases a Hero's armor by 0.84.
  • Every point in agility increases a Hero's attack speed by 1%.
  • If agility is a Hero's primary attribute, every point in agility increases his or her attack damage by 1.
Heroes with Agility as Primary Attribute
Armorlight Portrait.png Armorlight Crona Portrait.png Crona Ganglione Portrait.png Ganglione Gorippas Portrait.png Gorippas Ignis Portrait.png Ignis Ju'shu Portrait.png Ju'shu Kholdon Portrait.png Kholdon Mephala Portrait.png Mephala Sakura Portrait.png Sakura Seren Portrait.png Seren Strix Portrait.png Strix Stymire Portrait.png Stymire Whulag Portrait.png Whulag Xia Portrait.png Xia


Intelligence is a measure of a Hero's wit and wisdom. Intelligence determines a Hero's maximum mana and mana regeneration. Heroes with intelligence as their primary attribute tend to rely on their abilities to deal damage or help others. Intelligence Heroes often take support, gank, and pusher roles.

  • Every point in intelligence increases a Hero's maximum Mana by 13.
  • Every point in intelligence increases a Hero's mana regeneration by 0.08 mana per second.
  • If intelligence is a Hero's primary attribute, every point in intelligence increases his or her attack damage by 1.
Heroes with Intelligence as Primary Attribute
Aephus Portrait.png Aephus Aghosth Portrait.png Aghosth Azazel Portrait.png Azazel Bree Portrait.png Bree Dedwill Portrait.png Dedwill Drelon Portrait.png Drelon Evoras Portrait.png Evoras Ian Portrait.png Ian Mo Jen Portrait.png Mo Jen Rachet Portrait.png Rachet Raijin Portrait.png Raijin Sylvia Portrait.png Sylvia Thessalac Portrait.png Thessalac Vaelnar Portrait.png Vaelnar Yuvana Portrait.png Yuvana

List of Heroes by attributesEdit

NOTE: incomplete.

Hero Primary Attribute Base Strength Strength per level Strength at level 18 Base Agility Agility per level Agility at level 18 Base Intelligence Intelligence per level Intelligence at level 18
Aephus Portrait.png Aephus Intelligence 21 2.1 56 18 2.1 53 23 2.4 63
Aghosth Portrait.png Aghosth Intelligence 24 1.6 51 14 1.3 36 28 2.9 77
Armorlight Portrait.png Armorlight Agility 19 1.8 49 24 2.6 68 21 2.3 60
Ayler Portrait.png Ayler Strength 25 2.2 62 14 1.4 37 19 1.7 47
Azazel Portrait.png Azazel Intelligence 16 1.4 39 20 1.4 43 27 3.8 91
Bree Portrait.png Bree Intelligence 22 1.6 49 17 1.2 37 26 3.8 90
Crona Portrait.png Crona Agility 22 2.3 61 24 2.8 71 20 1.9 52
Drelon Portrait.png Drelon Intelligence 19 2 53 14 1.4 37 24 3.5 83
Ganglione Portrait.png Ganglione Agility 17 2.3 56 26 2.5 68 23 2.4 63
Gaol Portrait.png Gaol Strength 22 2.7 67 17 1.6 44 17 1.95 50
Gorippas Portrait.png Gorippas Agility 19 1.7 47 19 3.5 78 18 1.9 50
Granite Portrait.png Granite Strength 30 2.8 77 15 1.3 37 21 1.9 53
Herculeon Portrait.png Herculeon Strength 23 3.4 80 22 1.4 45 22 2.8 69
Ian Portrait.png Ian Intelligence 18 1.3 40 22 1.4 45 25 3.8 89
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