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Playing against Ian Portrait.png Ian

  • Ian's passive, Higher Magic.png Higher Magic, will silence you if he gets a few Purify.png Purifies on you. You also do not outrange him so you cannot stay away from his spells in a direct engagement. The 2 second window of silence might be crucial to your survival when trading.
  • Energy Drain.png Energy Drain is easily interrupted by Plasma Blast (if he isn't standing behind creeps) or Bent Reality. Bent Reality will also hurt him with a strong slow, so if he happens to even attempt to drain your mana, get your Plasma Blasts ready if he tries to run.
  • Disregard.png Disregard has poor damage when compared to your abilities, but be aware of standing in the zone as it isn't tiny and the short cooldown on Plasma Blast may tempt you into taking damage.
  • You have absolutely no way to stop his Cataclysm.png Cataclysm, so be sure your team makes up for it.
  • You may attempt to dodge Purify.png Purify with Unreality Shift, though it requires a fast reaction time but may save you from Ian proccing his passive. However, doing this on a constant basis is not worth it as early on your mana is going to get drained quite a bit.

Playing against Vaelnar Portrait.png Vaelnar

  • Vaelnar will often be on his toes due to Duskrealm's Blessing.png Duskrealm's Blessing. This can help him counteract your slow somewhat and dodge your Plasma Blasts.
  • You outrange Vaelnar on every ability. Make sure to stay outside of his Foreverrest Curse.png Foreverrest Curse, and if he starts to channel, try to get a Bent Reality off because he WILL be slowed by the maximum amount.
  • Vaelnar's damage looks poor in comparison to yours. Try to harass him outside of his range and he'll soon have a very hard time against you.
  • If you're confident in your mana pool, Unreality Shift will block basic attacks from Vaelnar so he might be able to steal less mana from you. This is however unrecommended, as leaving Unreality Shift on for too long could prove to be very very harmful for your mana pool and you may regret it.
  • You have no way to interrupt his channels, so be careful.

Playing against Ignis Portrait.png Ignis

  • Ignis can blink and easily crowd control you. You will have a hard time against him.
  • Your best bet for Unreality Shift is to stop his basic attacks.
  • If you are certain you will die, atleast attempt to fight him. It'll force him away from further aggressiveness until he's healed back up.
  • If he misses his blink AND his Fiery Vortex, you actually have a window of punishing him.

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