Crowd Control is a category of usually harmful ability- and item-effects that doesn't deal damage; Instead, they affect the target by hindering or even removing the ability to move, attack, activate abilities or do other common actions for a short time.

Unless said otherwise, any kind Crowd Control that removes the ability to activate abilities also interrupts channels.

Common Crowd Control-effectsEdit

  • Silence: A silenced unit is unable to cast abilities.
  • Slow: A slowed unit suffers from reduced movement speed.
  • Root: A rooted unit is unable to move or activate movement-dependant abilities, but can still attack and activate other kind of abilities.
  • Stun: A stunned unit is unable to take any action. There also exists Mini-Stuns that have the same effect but on just a tiny fraction of a second, thereby more useful as an interrupt.

Unique Crowd Control-effectsEdit

  • Banish: A banished unit can't be affected by attacks, but can't affect other units by attacking, too. Abilities work as usual and often deal bonus damage to banished units. Currently unique to Aghosth Portrait.png Aghosth.
  • Taunt: Units with this condition are forced to attack its source, but units affected this way can still use instant cast abilities or order actions such a stop (even if they are immediatly overriden). Currently unique to Rachet Portrait.png Rachet
  • Sleep: A sleeping unit is basically stunned, but receiving damage will remove Sleep. Currently unique to Vaelnar Portrait.png Vaelnar.
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