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From the very moment he was a cub, Dekkard was already leading others of his kind with the greatest of ease. His tribe was flourishing as he reached adolescence, and by the time he reached adulthood, most of the tribe were pushing for him to become the leader. He communicated with the human tribes, which the tribe never could do before. Dekkard's announce was simple: make allies of the tribe now, or they would invade the city. As empty as the threat was, making an enemy of him would be a huge waste for everybody, so Dekkard's tribe enjoyed alliance with the Solsworn. Years later, when the disease struck, Dekkard was chosen as a veteran to look for the cure to the disease. He brought his entire tribe with him, seeing it a fit time to achieve not just alliance, but glory beyond recognition. However, as they came back to announce their failure to find a thing, they came across a village that was under its own rule, and to say they didn't like the Veterans was an understatement. Dekkard dialogued with his human equivalents, then with his tribe. They came to a common conclusion: slaughter the dissidents. Nothing would stop them on their way to the Solsworn capital, people could only slow down the Veterans. But even though they didn't face opposition, it was too late. The Empire had fallen. Dekkard's crew, loyal to him even though technically his superiors, sets out towards the Prime Gate as the harbinger of bad news: the revenge of the Solsworn is near, and genocide awaits the Duskbringer.


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