Hero Background & Trivia Strategy


  • The map is not even playable yet, so please be more patient.



  • Against Ian Portrait.png Ian
    • Save the stun provided by Lion's Fang.png Lion's Fang for crucial moments, like Energy Drain.png Energy Drain or, even better, during the channel of Cataclysm.png Cataclysm. Alternatively, use the fact that you gain bonus Movement Speed as long as the hammer is on the ground to get closer to Ian and avoid his Purify.png Purify more easily.
    • As long as you haven't already received a stack of Inferiority and avoid Disregard.png Disregard, Ian can't do anything meaningful once you're in close range and Determination.png do Roaring Lionheart.png your Vortex Swing.png chain.

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