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"I am the embodiment of Magnifide, known as Menos by the sentient mortals who acknowledge me. Whenever Magnifide is bound to change, I will transform, too. I have carried many faces throughout the aeons I existed, and I watched carefully for what happened on the planet I protect.

Humans, and by extension every other race associated with their vast empire, have piqued my interest since their humble beginnings. I have tested them throughout the ages because they claimed to be the greatest lifeforms on Magnifide, so they have challenged me. I was the devastating drought when they tamed the lands and planted the seeds. I was the unconquerable mountains to the east and the vast ocean to the west when they expanded their reign. I was the deity of a cult that threatened to destroy Ethernight from inside. I created the demons when they have conquered the world with their world-spanning walls. The citizens of Ethernight have passed all my tests so far and I am pleased with their success. But the disease was not created by my hands.

The disease drained my power, for it infected the lands. Magnifide was bound to become a chaotic, barren place and I, its embodiment, already turned into the epitome of a dead world. I will not let Magnifide die and after two years, I could not wait longer for a cure, so I freed the demons.

Shortly after that, I have heard that Ethernight had found the cure, but right now, they use it for selfish reasons to become immortal for a day. Ethernight, you disappointed me! Can you still cure the lands or will I lead the demons to victory so they can slay the sick? It is in your hand, mortals."


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