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What today is known as Mez was formerly a magestic dragon that no mere knight could defeat. Tales about this ancestral dragon were the stuff of esoterica rather than rhapsodies told across the land. The dragon was so old it had naturally gained human-like intelligence and wisdom. Across the centuries, it had slain an increasing number of knights, and their spirits were bound to the place as watchers, and ultimately company of the dragon.
The day the Duskbringer set foot on the land, they invaded the dragon's nest. The beast defended its territory and fought valiantly, the fight taking days on end. The dragon knew about long fights, but human knights, in comparison to the demons, were honorable and especially, they only came one by one. The demons came by the thousands and used dark magic to leash the dragon down. After a long and grueling fight, the dragon's undefeated streak ended fell to the forces of darkness.
However, the its powerful innate magic and its unrested spirit called for another life, another shot at stopping the end of the world. The untamed desires of the dragon's soul as well as the dead souls of the dragon's noble victims contained within the lair fueled a ritual spell, and the souls all rose as one in the dragon's body. The body had decayed for days however, and ultimately, the giant spirit dragon emerged from the body like a butterfly hatched from a cocoon. The ascended united essence was now bare and vulnerable, but able to express its feelings.
Taking the name Mez, the formless drake looks for the remains of the Duskbringer's opposition. The Duskbringer have to be stopped, and Mez is looking for a way to end the forces of darkness's attack. And numerous spirits converge towards one destination: the Prime Gate.


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