Movement speed (sometimes abbreviated as movespeed or MS) is the speed at which a unit can move. Movement speed can never be lower than 100, and never greater than 522. Every unit has a base movement speed, but it can be altered by abilities and items.

Movement speed is expressed in units per second.


movement speed = (base movement speed + flat movement speed bonuses) × (1 + sum of percentage movement speed bonuses (or slow))

Movement speed comparisonEdit

Below is a comparison of the movement speeds of all Heroes.

Heroes Base movement
Vairosean Portrait.png Vairosean 400
Xia Portrait.png Xia 320
Crona Portrait.png Crona Ignis Portrait.png Ignis Ju'shu Portrait.png Ju'shu Sakura Portrait.png Sakura Stymire Portrait.png Stymire Whulag Portrait.png Whulag 315
Aephus Portrait.png Aephus Azazel Portrait.png Azazel Ganglione Portrait.png Ganglione Gaol Portrait.png Gaol Kob Portrait.png Kob Mephala Portrait.png Mephala Raijin Portrait.png Raijin Vamos Portrait.png Vamos Xeadas Portrait.png Xeadas 310
Aghosth Portrait.png Aghosth Ayler Portrait.png Ayler Dedwill Portrait.png Dedwill Drelon Portrait.png Drelon Gorippas Portrait.png Gorippas Herculeon Portrait.png Herculeon Mo Jen Portrait.png Mo Jen Rachet Portrait.png Rachet Seren Portrait.png Seren Strix Portrait.png Strix Sylvia Portrait.png Sylvia Thessalac Portrait.png Thessalac Xornac Portrait.png Xornac 305
Armorlight Portrait.png Armorlight Bree Portrait.png Bree Evoras Portrait.png Evoras Ian Portrait.png Ian Kholdon Portrait.png Kholdon Menos Portrait.png Menos Renso Portrait.png Renso Vaelnar Portrait.png Vaelnar Yuvana Portrait.png Yuvana 300
Granite Portrait.png Granite Treemor Portrait.png Treemor 295
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