The content described in this article has been removed from the map. It might still come back at a later date.
Phasewalker's Edge
Phasewalker's Edge item
Active Instantly blink to the target location, 800 range, 15 seconds cooldown. Taking damage from a player disable this item for 3 seconds.
Cost 2000g
Sell value 1000g
Creator Lykrast

The Phasewalker's Edge item.png Phasewalker's Edge is a basic item. Don't forget it's subject to change.


  • Removed from purchase (this item might still come back at a later date)


  • Added


  • The Phasewalker's Edge item.png Phasewalker's Edge was the first item with an active to be made in VotE.
  • The Phasewalker's Edge item.png Phasewalker's Edge is the most expensive basic item.

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