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Seren's life was relatively simple. The daughter of humble farmers, she is no stranger to hard physical work and would have led a quiet, fulfilling life. But from an early age, she could feel that there's more to the world and that her path would be quite different.

At the tender age of twelve, she began to develop the ability to sense impurity in her proximity and instantly knew that her simple life will be over. As driven by a divine fervor, she began to neglect the work at her parent's farm to train, craft a good number of different weapons out of whatever material she could get and distance herself to her former life.

When a Felwolf began to snatch sheeps from the farm, she grabbed her weapons without hesitation, followed the tracks and relied on her impurity-sensing ability to localize the wolf's hoard. It was a small family when Seren discovered the hoard, but she would be the only one to leave the hoard alive, covered in blood. It was in that state that she got discovered by a seasoned Fel-Hunter who offered to train her. Without hesitation, she accepted.

The years went by and she shaped up to become a noticeable Huntress, but she was more driven by hunting corrupted beasts than actually helping those in need, which distraughted her teacher. But for Seren, there never was time for compassion, only efficiency. That philosophy of hers became even more part of her when the disease plagued the land and the Duskbringer conquered Ethernight.

The teacher having succumbed to the disease, she was free to put a bolt in the ies of those she deems corrupt. The Prime Gate just happens to be the perfect hunting ground.

"Justice will run crimson rivers..." - Seren




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  • Seren is the first ranged Agility hero (excluding Baroak Portrait.png Baroak during Siege of the Infestation).

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