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Life and Death are just two sides of the same coin in Magnifide since the beginning of it's existence. Only deities are capable of flipping that coin for an individual when its time has come, even the favored mortal creatures of a deity can only kill and revive themselves. For some, it was unthinkable that only deities should wield that kind of power and try to be able to "flip the mortal coin", too.

One small group of scholars in recent history, called "The Association of Ley", actually came dangerously close to flip anybody's coin freely. Using and abusing a variety of alchemical substances and even drawing from the essence of a Hydra, a favored creature of a minor deity of hunting, they began understanding how "the mortal coin" works and also gathered enough power to move said coin just a bit, prolonging or shortening an individual's lifespan by a few years. Of course, that isn't enough for the Association and they experimented further. Within just a few months, they became drunk with the prospect of power, making boisterous claims about Men becoming gods in the public, angering a lot of people in the process.

One day, when they constructed a prototype "Immortalizer", the local guards stormed the house where the Association hid. The group began to panic, with the exception of their leader, Strix. He ordered to activate the Immortalizer and remove all safety measures from it to maximize its potential. Just when the authority reached the room, the Immortalizer ran at peak performance... and exploded. The culminating burst of energy warped everyone in the room, disintegrating their bodies and merging their souls. After the fusion, only Strix remained, his soul being a host for all the other souls. Initially thinking his invention was a success, he soon noticed that his own "mortal coin" disappeared. It just didn't exist anymore.

Becoming a soul that was visible to mortals, he was neither alive nor dead anymore. Even the term "undead" wouldn't fit. But Strix wasn't too disturbed by that. He could control nearby souls and also use the souls within him to affect the living, drawing out their souls bit by bit. But he was also vulnerable to common weaponry, like a mortal. Luckily for him, the disease made him more powerful. Soon, he became known as the Life Harvester and the Lament of Souls.

Strix still intents to master his control over Life and Death and it would be illogical for him to not benefit from the harvest of souls that is known as the Invasion of Ethernight.

"Even the gods are unable to stop my ambition, for I AM A GOD!" — Strix


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