aka ErdamonPL

  • I live in Poland (duh)
  • I was born on July 4
  • My occupation is Nah, just visiting.
  • I am Apache Helicopter

So, I am ErdamonPL, and I am here to help Lykrast on his quest to make a MOBA mod (by help, I mean create a lots of content that doesn't require me to know how to model/art). Nothing much to say, aside from the fact that I'm looking forward to this project and wish everyone participating good luck :3 (I am one of the first people who managed to play VotE with Lykrast!)

Heroes I've designedEdit

Xeadas Portrait.png Xeadas, the Winter's Wrath

Sakura Portrait.png Sakura, the Wind Tamer

Aghosth Portrait.png Aghosth, the Lord of Death

Ignis Portrait.png Ignis, the Cleric of Flames

Rachet Portrait.png Rachet, the Brave Inventor

Aephus Portrait.png Aephus, the Justicar

Celes Portrait.png Celes, the Watcher

Drelon Portrait.png Drelon, the Spark Battery

Seren Portrait.png Seren, the Unyielding Huntress

Crona Portrait.png Crona, the Shadow Envoy

Ayler Portrait.png Ayler, the Valiant Paragon

Mephala Portrait.png Mephala, the Bounty Hunter

Yuvana Portrait.png Yuvana, the Priestess of Blood

Items I've designed (yes, I just made that section too)Edit

Devoted Necklace item.png Devoted Necklace

Divine Bracelet item.png Divine Bracelet

Sigil of Cornucopias item.png Sigil of Cornucopias

Sacred Relic item.png Sacred Relic

Orb of Energy item.png Orb of Energy

Blade of Equinox item.png Blade of Equinox

Maw of the Duskrealm item.png Maw of the Duskrealm

My model bankEdit

Some cool dude with guns

Some cool dude who looks like a medic from Middle ages

Some cool dude who's an Ice elemental (Xeadas' nemezis?)

Some cool girl who is a necromancer

Some cool dude who isn't a pandaren because he's a tiger (HE HAS SPIN2WIN!!!!!1111)

Some cool dude who might aswell be Xeadas but he isn't

Some cool girl who uses both swords and a bow (so edgy)

Some cool lizard dude

Some cool dude who's a naga for some reason

Some cool Rango ripoff

Some cool future looking guy

Some cool Lizard warrior with a shield (Potential Tanky supportive initiator jungler?)

Some cool Pandaren with a sword (HAS A SPIN2WIN!!!!!!!)

Some cool archer-ess (eh?) gal

Some cool templar guy who doesn't show his face (that means he's important)

Some cool female lizard-lady

Some cool demoness lady

Some cool demon archer guy

Some cool demon looking ass guy

Some cool XIX Century demon hunter

Some cool soldier dude

Some cool gnoll with guns (we're just gonna call him a Lykos and it'll be k)

Okay, this one is rather... um... unusual

Some cool priestess that doesn't ride anything (at last)


Sandbox (Heroes)

Sandbox2 (Items)

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