The following page contains kit concepts with creditware license. If nobody uses them, I eventually will.


  • I: On-kill stealth and movement speed
  • Q: T - on-hit dmg bonus + self-AGI scaling +target's STR scaling
  • W:
    • P - MS boost based on target's missing health on hit
    • A - Short channel -> slow + %hp damage
  • E: Dash to heroes
  • R: Global, random bounty hunter ult, bonus gold and innate shared throughout team on kill


  • I: Kill/assisst -> next basic skill empowered
  • Q: Heal + increased by hp stolen from nearby enemies
    • QI: HP stolen increased + knocks enemies away from target
  • W: Slows first enemy hit, damage over time.
    • WI: Slows nearby allies + hastes nearby enemies
  • E: Zhonya
    • EI: Deals damage to nearby enemies after leaving stasis
  • R: After 2s channel, swaps locations with target enemy hero
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